Welcome to Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

I hope that you have all had a wonderful summer and that you are looking forward to this exciting academic year ahead. The children have settled in really well to Year 4 and they are eager to challenge themselves. Homework really helps the children to progress with their learning, so here is some further information about what is expected from your child this year:


In Year 4 we ask for your child to read, either independently or with an adult, for 15-20 minutes each evening.

Your child has a ‘Reading Record’ that can be completed by your child, and signed by an adult each week. The children are expected to hand in their Reading Records to the teacher once a week (any day is fine).


The children are all given a list of 10 words to learn how to spell each week. Some of the words are quite challenging. Each child is expected to set themselves a personal target of correct spellings to aim for each week (it may be 2 out of 10, or 10 out of 10, or anywhere in between). The children will have a spelling test in class every week to measure their progress (either on Thursday or Friday). The children aim to equal or beat their score each week.


Every Friday a Maths activity which relates to your child’s weekly learning is made available for the children to take home and complete. The children are asked to return their completed homework by the end of the following week. Please also encourage your child to use the ‘Mathletics’ educational website at home (www.mathletics.co.uk). Each child has their own individual login and password.

W.W.W.Today Book

Children are asked to write or draw ‘What Went Well’ today in their books. This can include things that children have enjoyed doing both at home and in school. Children are also encouraged to set themselves a target that could make their day even better – an E.B.I. or ‘Even Better If…’. Children are asked to complete this task at least 3 times per week and hand in their books to the class teacher.


In Music, the children in Year 4 are taking part in the ‘Wider Opportunities’ programme every Monday, funded by the school. This is a fantastic chance for your child to learn a brass instrument completely free of charge! Children should be encouraged to practise their instruments at home regularly (although ear plugs may be required at first!)


P.E. lessons are on Wednesdays and Thursdays (but Tuesday and Wednesday next week as a one off) this term. Children are asked to keep their P.E. kits in school throughout the week and to take them home at weekends or at the end of term to be washed.

Year 4 shall have swimming lessons after the Christmas holidays.

Thank you for your support,

P. Sharkey


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